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Connects job seekers to suitable job opportunities, within the country.

The application has two platforms, website and mobile app (it’s available on Android and iOS devices).

Meet Sira App

SIRA App is proudly established to serve as a job portal system called Sira which can be accessed through Sira mobile application, web application and 6689 call center.

Job Seekers

Using the mobile or the web application you can be able to register, apply, search and subscribe to jobs you want in your prefered locations and job titles.

Regular Employers

Using the call center (6689), the mobile or the web application to be able to register, advertise jobs and access to candidate's contact information.

Corporate Employers

Give your company detail and vacancy detail using the web application or 6689. You will recive short listed candidates after we pre-screened the applicants.

Best Features

Direct Connection

Ther is no other third party involvement in the whole process.

Fast & Timely Hiring

Extensively time saver for finding approprate candidates for your business.

Cost Effective

Really affordable and fair price for finding best candidates.


Both the web and mobile application are very simple and seamless to use.


We provide varient options to use our system 24/7 with out any problem.


Our Application supports Amharic and English language.


Here are screenshots of Sira application

Download Sira App

Sira App is available for both Android and Ios users.

Pricing Plan

We only charge employers for our service. And all charges are per vacacy.

Regular Employer

15 ETB

  • 1 vacancy
  • 10 Candidates (not screened)
  • Full Candidate information
Corporate Employer

10% - 35% of Salary

  • 1 vacancy
  • Screened Candidates
  • Full candidate Information




Job Seekers



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  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • +251 902 482 828
  • info@siraet.com

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